Rural Exchange


Rural poverty and social exclusion are major issues in our rural communities and we have been researching these challenges for many years. It is sometimes more hidden in rural areas, but on the other hand it is often more pronounced – especially in smaller villages where people with drastically different levels of income can be close neighbours of one another.

Social exclusion and marginalisation is one of the key themes of the ReRIC project. Social exclusion and marginalisation are broad concepts which refer to the ways in which people or families can be left out of society. This can happen in various ways, such as not being able to find work or housing, or being unable to access services. In rural areas this can be particularly challenging. For instance, finding affordable housing is a well known challenge in rural areas. Without this access, local people are not just excluded from the housing market itself, but may also struggle to fully participate in the local economy and or socially in the community. 

Our researchers have recently published a book on the subject Rural Poverty Today: Experiences of Social Exclusion in Rural Britain based on work undertaken as part of Rural Lives. SRUC's ReRIC project work will expand beyond looking at poverty to explore the challenges faced by marginalised groups and those with protected characteristics.

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